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Pro Tools Shortcuts Bible Part 2: Editing Like a True Pro Tools Master


We are back with a new collection of Pro Tools shortcuts that will make your clients look at you like a badass Pro Tools sorcerer, flying over the keys and making things happen in no time.

In the previous article, we explored how to quickly create all your tracks and set up alll your routing in a new session using shortcuts, leaving us ready to start recording.

As you know, renaming the audio tracks before recording is always a good idea. Just double-click on the track name, and move from one to another using Cmd+Up/Down. The next neat thing to do is to take advantage of the super-convenient Pro Tools playlists, and the key commands that make  them even more convenient still.

Let’s say you are recording live drums, along with two tracks of bass (DI plus mic) and a couple of electric guitars. You’ve named all tracks accordingly, and your session looks something like A in Image 1 below:

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