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Reamping boxes: Shopping List


Are you looking for a reamp box? Here is a list with some well-known reamping devices, sorted by price, and with all the relevant details.

Radial X-Amp and JCR, Palmer Daccapo, MW1 Studio Tool... and many more.

You probably already know that there are a lot of cool things you can do with a reamp box. If you are reading this, chances are that you want to buy one and would like to know what options are available.

Well, you are in the right place! Here you have a list with some well-known reamping boxes, ordered by price (low to high).


The ART Dual RDB counts with two inputs for stereo/dual mono line level signals (both in XLR and TRS), with independent level pots, and offers two transformer isolated outputs (again, both XLR and TRS), with polarity reversal switcher and stereo/dual mono selector.

  • Passive
  • Prices from: 79$/66€
  • More info: ART


Palmer Daccapo

Palmer Daccapo is a one channel reamp box from the German manufacturer, with XLR balanced line level input, transformer balanced TRS output, input level selector (-10dBV/+4dBu), ground lift, and output level control.

  • Passive
  • Prices from: 79€
  • More info: Palmer

Palmer DaccapoPalmer Daccapo

Radial Pro RMP

Pro RMP is the most affordable reamping solution from Radial, with similar functions as the Daccapo box, except the line level switcher.

  • Passive
  • Prices from: 100$/105€
  • More info: Radial

Radial Pro RMPRadial Pro RMP


This solution is both DI and reamp box, with TRS connections for the Reamp output and DI input, and XLR for Reamp input and DI output.

  • Active
  • Prices from: 160£
  • More info: DAV


Radial JCR

This is the latest version of the original 'Reamp' designed by John Cuniberti. A passive box with transformer isolated TS output, TRS and XLR inputs, mute button, polarity reversal, ground lift, output level and a two position filter (high cut, low cut).

  • Passive
  • Prices from: 200$
  • More info: Radial

Radial JCRRadial JCR

Radial X-Amp

Active reamp box with two transformer isolated TS outputs, XLR input, polarity reversal, ground lift, output level pot, and clip indicator.

  • Active
  • Prices from: 200$
  • More info: Radial

Radial X-AmpRadial X-Amp

Little Labs Redeye 3D

Redeye 3D is the 'evolution' of the original Redeye. This box works both as DI and reamping device, with TS input and output, an extra un-buffered TS input (for instruments with active pick-ups), XLR line level in and mic out, earth lift, polarity reversal, direct/reamp mode selector, output level pot, and TRS expansion ports (for easy daisy chaining several Redeye).

Once all the connections are ready, the Redeye has a convenient button (direct/reamp selector) that allows you to switch from recording the original performance (acting as DI) to reamping that same recorded performance (acting as a reamp box), without having to make new connections.

  • Active/Passive
  • Prices from: 268$/289€
  • More info: Little Labs

Little Labs Redeye 3DLittle Labs Redeye 3D

Raindirk DIA

This model may act also as DI and reamp box. It presents a TS input (with a FET buffer amp), TS output (that may be a 'direct link' from the TS input, or derived from the output of the FET amp with a switch), an extra TS input ('Bass/Passive', it replaces the buffered input and inserts the signal directly into the transformer), impedance selector for the 'Bass/Passive' input (100, 150, 180 kΩ), XLR output, output level selector switch, input level selector switch (when used in reamp mode) and ground lift.

  • Active/Passive
  • Prices from: 374€
  • More info: Raindirk

Raindirk DIARaindirk DIA

Creation Audio Labs MW1 Studio Tool

Creation Audio Labs designed the MW1 Studio Tool in collaboration with Michael Wagener, engineer/producer renown for his great guitar/bass tones. This is one of the most comprehensive reamping and DI tools you´ll find.

All the TS front inputs are mirrored in the rear panel, and among other functionalities, the MW1 presents a TS input (for the instrument) with variable impedance and direct tuner output, mute button, impedance pot and clean boost of up to 30dB in the TS output (to the amplifier), balanced line out (to the interface/recorder) with gain pot and polarity reversal, balanced line in with attenuation and polarity reversal (when reamping, the signal from the interface/recorder), and TS out with variable impedance (when reamping, signal to the amplifier).

MW1 may be used in several different scenarios, have a look to the user manual provided in the link below to learn more about it.

Creation Audio Labs MW1 Studio ToolCreation Audio Labs MW1 Studio Tool

Radial JD7 Injector

Radial JD7 Injector is also more than just a reamp box, it´s a signal splitter and distribution system that may feed up to 7 different amps, with transformer isolated outputs. A powerful tool for both the stage and studio.

When used for reamping, with the JD7 you´ll be able to split the signal and send it up to seven different amplifiers. All the outputs are transformed isolated, and have on/off switch, polarity reversal and ground lift. Outputs 5&6 include also FX loops.

  • Active/Passive
  • Prices from: 1100$
  • More info: Radial

Radial JD7 InjectorRadial JD7 Injector


The objective of this list was to talk about some of the most common reampers, but by no means aims to be a complete or ultimate selection. I´m sure some equipment may have gone under the radar. If you know of any reamping device worth being mentioned here, please let me know using the comments section.

Also, there are several DIY solutions available in the internet, and although they may be of great quality, this text is intended to show only commercial equipment.

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