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A Voting member of the Grammy® Recording Academy, I am a fully qualified Specialist in Studio Production with Pro Tools (Berklee Music, see Bio).

Here is a selection of my latest work as Producer, Mixer and Engineer. You can also have a look at my Articles, Tutorials and Reviews.


Never Say Goodbye - Skye Sirena (Copy)

  • Skye Sirena
RM Credits:
  • Recording
  • Mixing
    Bernie Grundman
Never Say Goodbye - Skye Sirena (Copy)


Never Say Goodbye is a hi-res album by Singaporean artist Skye Sirena, published by the audiophile record label Harmony Records.

The audiophile market not only demands the very best from a record in terms of music, sound, and technical quality, it also expects absolutely NO COMPRESSION during the recording or mixing process.

We recorded and mixed at 24/96 using an SSL 4000G and vintage microphones, with just a hint of EQ here and there and absolutely no compression whatsoever.

It was a real thrill working as the recording and mixing engineer on this album, along with a world-class team of beautifully talented human beings that included music producer Ying Tan, arranger Sebastian Ho, and Ms. S. herself.

The icing on the cake was provided by legendary mastering engineer Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Prince, to name just a few).

The results speak for themselves, take a listen! All rights reserved to the owner of the work.

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