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Pearls - Aisyah Aziz

  • Aisyah Aziz
RM Credits:
  • Recording
  • Mixing
    Bernie Grundman
Pearls - Aisyah Aziz


Pearls is a hi-res album by Singaporean artist Aisyah Aziz, published by the audiophile record label Harmony Records and produced by veteran producer Ying Tang.

We recorded the album almost entirely live at Yellowbox Studios (Singapore), using their magnificent Neve 5088. In words of audio legend Rupert Neve himself, this board is "the culmination of all my analog circuits expertise". The 5088 sounds amazing indeed.

As with other hi-res & and hi-fi releases from Harmony, we recorded and mixed at 24/96 with absolutely no compression at all, and just a touches of EQ here and there. The mix was done at Greenroom Suite studios in Singapore, using their fantastic SSL 4000G.

It was a privilege recording and mixing this album. The mastering was done by legendary mastering engineer Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Prince, to name just a few). Take a listen!

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Pearls has received exceptionally good reviews, including 5 stars on Sound and 4 stars on Music by leading hi-res audio magazine The Audio Beat.

Aisyah Audio Beat Review

Pearls Aisyah Aziz Review

Pearls Aisyah Aziz Review

Pearls Aisyah Aziz Review

Pearls Aisyah Aziz Review

Pearls Aisyah Aziz Review

Pearls Aisyah Aziz Review


Executive Producer: Ying Tan

Producer: Ying Tan

Engineer: Roger Montejano

Assistant Engineer (Tracking): Rennie Gomes

Assistant Engineer (Mixing): Tony Goh

Mastering: Bernie Grundman

Arranger: Sebastian Ho

Cover & LP Label Photography: Faiyaz Kolia

Inside Panel Photography: Amri Ginang

Graphic Design: James Lizardi

Recorded and mixed in Pro Tools @ 24/96. All tracks recorded at Yellowbox, Singapore, November 2020. Smile recorded at The Greenroom Suite, Singapore, July 2020. All tracks mixed at The Greenroom Suite.

Vocals: Aisyah

Guitars: Sebastian Ho

Keyboards: Mei Sheum

Bass: Colin Yong

Drums / Percussion: Rizal Sanip

Trumpet: Kenneth Lun

Saxophone: Fabian Lim

Violin: Han Oh

Cello: Tang Jia

Super Audio CD Artwork

Aisyah Aziz p1Pearls SACD - P1

Aisyah Aziz p2Pearls SACD - P2

Aisyah Aziz p3Pearls SACD - P3

Aisyah Aziz p4Pearls SACD - P4

Aisyah Aziz p5Pearls SACD - P5

Aisyah Aziz p6Pearls SACD - P6

Aisyah Aziz p7Pearls SACD - P7

Aisyah Aziz p8Pearls SACD - P8